In Conclusion

This 12-week course will serve as a platform for the individual and group discussion of topics as a basis for assessing the Bible against several criteria such as:

  • Fact or fiction?
  • Instrument of obfuscation or channel of enlightenment?
  • Encouragement of vertical or horizontal mindset?
  • Facilitative of literal or allegorical/metaphysical interpretation?
  • Narrow cultural/geographical focus or universally applicable?
  • Orientation towards casual and superficial reading or fertile ground for deep and on-going study and research?
  • Justification of prejudice or champion of equality?
  • Meaningless record of an irrelevant ancient history or a guide to living in the here and now?
  • Irregular point of reference or reliable avenue of inspiration?
  • Personality-driven or principle-based?
  • Supportive of violence or advocate of peace?
  • Tool for oppression or guideline for liberation?