About Us

We cover the main teachings of both sections of the Bible, the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) from historical and analytical perspectives using allegorical and metaphysical tools of analysis. These are presented in semester class format or as specific workshops or seminars. Listings of required and recommended books will be given for each class offering and these will be supplemented by handouts

Who We Are
The Institute For Biblical Education and Spiritual Inspiration (IBESI) is a non-denominational Biblical Educational Institution and non-profit organization with a Registration Number of 88091. It is offering Biblical studies and inspirational material to persons who read and understand English anywhere in the world in a friendly and relevant technological environment.

Its purpose is three-fold:

  • To present and lead discussions in a Webinar format on non-traditional approaches to the study of the Bible such that participants are encouraged to engage in critical thinking of their long-held views about the content of the Bible.
  • To assess the new information being presented and to come to their own determination of what is acceptable, applicable and generally useful. In this regard a main focus will be the articulation of how the Scriptures may be practically applied anywhere and anytime
  • To provide on-going words of inspiration by means of which readers may choose to reflect on them as “food for thought” and thereby ponder their lives and how they may make positive changes in order to make their life situations more enriching and meaningful.

Online Institute of Biblical Education & Spiritual Inspiration
The initial offering will be a 12-week course entitled “What Is It” that will meet for two hours once per week. As the Institute develops, and also on request other courses will be offered. Using the Webinar format, all course meetings will be highly interactive.

Our Motto
Excellence in content, excellence in delivery and excellence in interaction

Our Vision And Mission
Vision –
To be a channel through which the truth expressed in the Bible is discussed freely and comprehensively and to serve as a means of inspiration to all who interact with us through this medium
Mission –
To be the preferred on-line vehicle for Bible study through which the output of the latest scholarly research on the Bible will be presented and assessed critically.

Our Values

  • To maintain a space within which all views may contend with due regard to the right of all persons to hold their own opinions
  • To exceed all expectations in terms of output at all times
  • To provide excellent customer service regardless of circumstances and conditions
  • To be open and receptive to suggestions for improved customer experience
  • To be flexible in terms of responding to requests for additional courses and other modes of instruction such as workshops and seminars on specific subjects and/or topics
  • To remain on the cutting-edge of technology to ensure that use is always made of most effective modalities of instruction
  • To establish and maintain the reputation of being the best informed and most effective delivery mechanism for Biblical education available on the Internet.

Our Objectives

  • Is To offer a viable, convenient, consistent and professionally operated option for Biblical education
  • To remain current with and to disseminate the main findings of Biblical research
  • To provide a balanced approach to the study of the Bible
  • To offer related products via YouTube at reasonable cost
  • On request, to provide present and potential teachers of the Bible with Handbooks of instruction based on the lessons presented via our course offerings